Eat Magazine review of Pronto

Anya Levykh wrote a lovely piece on Pronto in the March/April 2012 issue of Eat Magazine. Anya really took the time to write a detailed review.

Consider, for example, the first paragraph, which focuses on our provolone sandwich: “Angela Maida is a woman of excellent taste. Before I had even tried a single item on the menu of her recently-opened Pronto Caffe, I knew I could trust her culinary judgement after she took a provolone sandwich and turned it inside-out – literally. Okay, only the bun was inside-out, but that was enough. The soft baguette was not only flipped, but then pesto was added to the new exterior before being stuffed and grilled. It made for an incredibly delicious and perfectly textured meal, one I’ve gone back for on several occasions.”

Check out the review in Eat Magazine.

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Anya also writes the delicious Food Girl Friday blog.