Pronto earns kudos in porchetta crawl video
by Pronto on Mar 3, 2013
Gourmet vs. Gourmand is a website and Vimeo channel featuring humorous and informative takes on food – in Vancouver and beyond – by Johnathon Vaughn and Alec MacNeill Richardson. Johnathon and Alec did a porchetta crawl, which involved biking to four different places in Vancouver to each porchetta sandwiches, including …

Greedy Guts at Pronto: Part 3
by Pronto on Sep 8, 2012
Amy, who writes The Culinary Adventures of a Greedy Guts blog, wrote about Pronto for a third time. In her latest blog post on Pronto, on our sandwiches, she said: “I’ve had a number of the sandwiches, and have liked them all. Of course, the porchetta sandwich stands out, but so …

Greedy Guts enjoys Pronto’s porchetta and more

by Pronto on Aug 12, 2012
What’s a Greedy Guts? Well, put simply, it’s someone who likes to eat. Eating is the focus of a terrific blog appropriately titled The Culinary Adventures of a Greedy Guts. Amy, the blogger behind Greedy Guts, posts excellent photos and in-depth reviews about restaurants and food happenings. It’s really one …

Pronto patio in Scout
by Pronto on Jun 15, 2012
Good things happen when you communicate. That was reinforced recently after we emailed Andrew Morrison of Scout Magazine and the Westender about our new patio. Before we knew it, an item about the patio appeared on Scout, including snazzy photos. So thank you Scout, and as the article and photos …

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Architect satiates hunger at Pronto
by Pronto on May 13, 2012
The blogger behind the Hungry Architect writes about and takes photos of various subjects, including food and drink. The Hungry Architect found his way to Pronto and tried our porchetta sandwhich. His verdict? “The bun is a nice and fresh crispy bun and the pork is tender, salty, flavourful, juicy… …

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Eat Magazine review of Pronto
by Pronto on Mar 12, 2012
Anya Levykh wrote a lovely piece on Pronto in the March/April 2012 issue of Eat Magazine. Anya really took the time to write a detailed review. Consider, for example, the first paragraph, which focuses on our provolone sandwich: “Angela Maida is a woman of excellent taste. Before I had even tried …

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Pronto in year end lists
by Pronto on Jan 1, 2012
Looking back at 2011, we have much to be thankful for, especially the incredible support we’ve received since opening in May. We’re also thankful for getting mentioned in Andrew Morrison’s year in review in the Westender, where he said we’re one of a “host of new neighbourhood charmers” and that we’re …

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A very thorough and favourable review of Pronto
by Pronto on Dec 23, 2011
In the eight months since Pronto opened we’ve received a number of very positive reviews from journalists and bloggers. Some have been average length and others have been short but sweet. Well, here’s one that’s probably the most thorough review we’ve received. It’s from the Eating in Vancouver blog, written …

Pronto in Go Haggis!
by Pronto on Nov 20, 2011
We’ve sung the praises of Vancouver bloggers who have given Pronto so much support, and it’s time to do that again with Go Haggis! The blog revolves around the writer’s passion for food and travel, which brought her to Pronto to try our porchetta. The Go Haggis! verdict? “On my first …

Pronto in Van Mag
by Pronto on Oct 13, 2011
Vancouver Magazine wrote a review of Pronto that isn’t long on word count, but each word counts. Examples: The reviewer, Frances Bula, wrote that “from this modest space come wonderful Italian sandwiches and pasta dishes.” Our porchetta sandwich: “… a rich, herby feast of meat cubes in a light but chewy bun …” Our …