Porchetta – Slow roasted Italian pork with crackling and lemon mayo  $8.75

Prosciutto – Proscuitto crudo, arugula, provolone, roasted red peppers, sun dried tomato pesto, and balsamic dressing  $8.50

Sopressato – Spicy Italian salami, marinated artichokes, provolone cheese, lettuce, and red pepper mayo  $8

Mediterranean Vegetable – grilled eggplant, zucchini, house roasted roma tomatoes, roasted red pepper with a cannellini bean tapenade, and gherkin dressing  $8

Chicken Cutlet – breaded and sautéed chicken breast served with lettuce, provolone cheese, spicy mayo, and tomato salsa  $8.50

Meatball – house made meatballs, served with pomodoro sauce and provolone cheese  $8.50

Goat Cheese – seasoned artichokes, roma tomatoes, roasted red peppers, lettuce, goat cheese with a gherkin sauce, and lemon vinaigrette dressing  $8.50

Smoked Salmon – smoked BC salmon, tomato, cucumber, arugula, red onion caper topping, gherkin, and lemon vinagirette  $8.50

Kids Grilled Cheese  $4
Cheese $1
Tomato $.50
Arugula $1




Prosciutto & Pear — provolone, arugula and lemon mayo $8.50

Caprese – fresh buffalo ricotta, slow roasted roma tomatoes, basil pesto, arugula $8.50

Prosciutto  – prosciutto crudo, Sun dried tomato mayo, sweet Fabri cherries, arugula, provolone cheese $8.50


Pastas & House Specialties


Pasta Pomodoro – spaghetti with housemade tomato sauce, fresh basil, and parmesan cheese  $14

Spaghetti Bolognese – classic meat sauce  $16

Gnocchi with Pesto & Pancetta – handmade potato gnocchi with a creamy pesto, crispy pancetta, and parmesan cheese  $18

Tagliatelle Aglio e Olio – handmade tagliatelle with garlic, smoked pancetta and fresh tomato, parmesan cheese $18

Rigatoni Boscaiola  proscuitto, sundried tomato with crimini mushroom in cream sauce $16

Kids Pasta – spaghetti with EVO and parmesan cheese  $6

Porchetta Plate – slice of porchetta with a side of roasted rosemary potatoes and roasted red pepper mayo  $17

Pizza 12″

Genoa – salami, roasted red peppers, tomato sauce, mozzarella $15

Margherita – tomato sauce, mozerella, sliced roma tomatoes, fresh basil $15



Cannellini Beans – cannellini beans seasoned with red onion and white balsamic vinaigrette  $4

Olives – seasoned Sicilian and Cerignola  $5

Kale – sautéed with EVO, chilies, and fresh garlic  $6

Meatballs – served with pomodoro sauce and parmesan  $8

Rosemary Potatoes – roasted potatoes and yams seasoned with rosemary, served with a red pepper mayo  $6

Stuffed Dates – medjool dates filled with gorgonzola cheese and wrapped in Prosciutto, served warm  $8

Prawns – wrapped in pancetta $1


Green Salad – organic spring mix, cucumber, radish with  lemon vinaigrette  $6

Side Green Salad  $4

Ensalata Mista – spring mix, red onion, cannellini beans & shaved pecorino, lemon vinaigrette  $10

Caprese Salad – fior di latte, tomato, arugula, fresh basil, balsamic vinegar, and EVOO  $14

Arugula – with shaved parmesan, vinaigrette  $12


Daily Soup

Made fresh daily
Large Soup  $6  /  Small Soup  $4