Mention in the Westender

The same person who wrote the preview piece on us in Scout – Mr. Andrew Morrison – also gave us a mention in the Westender. Here’s what he wrote:

A new Italian eatery called Pronto is opening this week in the old Art’s Flowers & Gifts address at 3473 Cambie. The good-looking 37-seater is designed by the same aesthetes that brought us Les Faux Bourgeois. Expect a limited menu of simple soups and sandwiches (they’re concentrating on porchetta) with wine and beer.

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Sweet piece on Pronto in Scout

Scout Magazine wrote a sweet preview piece on Pronto. It’s the very first article written about us, and it has some great lines, like this:

  • On the look of Pronto: “They’ve really done a lovely period number on it. The interior look and exterior branding (in Futura font) gives it the feel of a cool, modern restaurant in the East Village, circa 1950.”
  • On what “pronto” means: “When we employ “pronto” as a colloquialism, as in “get it done, pronto”, we are saying “get it done, fast”. In Italian, however, it means “prepared” or “ready”, as in “È pronto per ordinare?”, or “are you ready to order?”

We also think the Hipstamatic iPhone photos are retro cool and therefore strangely appropriate.

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